Angry Twitter Reactions of Fans SLAMMING Sydney and Madina – Week 3 of The Bachelor

The drama has officially started on the new season of the Bachelor and we’re only on week 3.

Sydney Gordon managed to score a rose from Joey Graziadei after she told the Bachelor that Maria Georgas “verbally attacked her” in the mansion.

“I don’t like Maria. And unfortunately, I’m associated with this drama, but, like, I am not the drama. I am not the person that’s the mean girl.”

The Bachelor fans were not having it!

Here are the angry twitter reactions from the fans after Monday night’s episode of the Bachelor.

The Bachelor – Week 3

Here we go..

Is it???

For real.

They definitely would!

Do you want to see Sydney on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise?

That would be an episode we’d all watch!