Nick Viall Reveals Reason Why Daisy Kent’s Chance at Being The Bachelorette was Ruined

Nick Viall is at it again!

The next Bachelorette has been chosen and it’s NOT Daisy Kent.

If you want to know who it is, click on the link below!

It’s Official – This is Your Next Bachelorette

As much as Nick Viall wishes Daisy Kent would be named the next Bachelorette lead, he also revealed the real reason why she didn’t get the gig.

“If we are right with our predictions — Maria [Georgas] is going to be the Bachelorette [and] Kelsey [Anderson] wins — I am shocked that Daisy isn’t on The Bachelorette,” Nick said on his “Viall Files” podcast.

“I do think Maria will be very entertaining.. she’s obviously a great choice, but Daisy has such a good story.”

“And the rap video?,'” Nick continued. “Honest to God, that video might have ruined her chances. I’m not kidding.”

As revealed previously, Diasy Kent was featured in aspiring rapper Abe$’s “Sundown” NSFW music video in 2021. The video, which was available on YouTube, has since disappeared from public view.

And according to Nick, ABC and Disney may not want to be associated with something like that.

“When a video comes out of Daisy singing, she’s in a song where he’s like ‘S**k on my n*ts and lick on my ba**s,’ they might have been like, ‘I don’t know, how about Maria?’” Nick speculated ABC’s decision on the next lead. “It might have always been Maria, she’s clearly super popular, but it’s possible.”

Nick had similar issues about him being the lead when the network initially went ahead with Ben Higgins instead of him.

“I remember having dinner with [someone] who used to be the show runner of the show, who is no longer the showrunner, but we were catching up before I was named the Bachelor,” he recalled. “It was after Kaitlyn’s season and Ben Higgins was the Bachelor. And again, I think Ben was always going to be the Bachelor, but I got done with Kaitlyn’s season and I was just taking the summer off. It was the summer of Nick, I didn’t go back to work right away. I was all kind of f—ked up from the show.”

“I was working out and s—t and I was posting thirst traps. And they were like, ‘That ruined your chances posting like, ‘I’m working out’ and arguably douchey, f—kboy type of s—t.’”

The other candidates for the next Bachelorette lead were Lexi Young, Rachel Nance, Jenn Tran, and Rachel Recchia.

Joey Graziadei was recently asked to choose his favorite from the Bachelorette candidates for season 21.

The Bachelor said if he could pick a Bachelorette for the upcoming season, it would be Maria or Rachel!

Of the women that were present, definitely Rachel and Maria,” Joey tells Entertainment Weekly. “Those two, they have a lot to offer. They opened up a lot to me. It was exciting to know that I would get a chance to…write my own story after The Bachelorette. Both of those women deserve that.” 

What does Maria have to say about leading a season?

“I always wanted to be on the show, but not once did I ever think I could get the opportunity to be the Bachelorette,” Maria said.

Maria told E! News that she’s been overwhelmed by the amount of support she received after her appearance on The Bachelor.

“I’m in awe of it,” she saidWhile she didn’t reveal if she’s in fact going to become The Bachelorette lead, Maria revealed, “Maybe the second time I’d do it better. And I would get my head in the game. Well, actually, I’d get out of my head.”

She also shared that she wasn’t in a good headspace while filming the show. Adding that she wished she “took a second to myself to take a couple deep breaths and tell myself, ‘Don’t do anything that’s going to jeopardize this.’ Hindsight is 20/20.” 

The Bachelor finale is going to air on ABC, on Monday, March 25, at 8 p.m. ET.