Daisy will Dump Joey on the Finale Night at The Altar – Was She His First Choice? SPOILER

ABC has been teasing the unprecedented ending to Joey’s finale since a while now – “what happens in the end is an unprecedented shocking first in Bachelor history” is what we’ve been hearing since the season started airing.

The ending is “unprecedented, shocking first in Bachelor history,” the voice-over on the season teaser says, as Joey tearfully says, “That was crazy. I didn’t expect that at all. I can’t think that’s happened before. I don’t even know what to say, I know I gave as much as I could. I’m sick of feeling like this. It feels wrong, but I don’t know what to do.”

In an interview with Extra, Joey talked about the surprising end to his journey. He said, “Obviously, people have seen me very emotional. I think it’s just one of those things that it was an ending that I just didn’t expect. I think it’s an ending that no one is going to expect — again, something that’s going to be worth tuning in for.

The season 28 trailer is edited to make the Bachelor fans presume Joey’s season may end in disaster with him in tears, left alone at the altar.

Well, it’s partially true, because Joey was dumped at the altar by one of the final two!


[This article contains spoilers from the Bachelor season 28 finale]

So, what is the unprecedented ending to Joey’s season finale?

It happens right after Daisy’s last date with Joey – she dumps him at the altar!

Daisy realizes Joey isn’t going to pick her. After their date, she goes to Kelsey’s room and tells her “it’s not me, it’s you, and I’m gonna tell Joey that tomorrow.”

The conversation between Daisy and Kelsey was straight forward as the former realized she wasn’t getting picked at the final rose ceremony.

During the proposal day, Daisy arrives first and tells Joey that she knows he isn’t going to pick her so she decides to break up with him.

So, yeah. That was a first in the Bachelor history.

Is he going to pick Kelsey or go after Daisy?

The Bachelor fans are accusing Daisy Kent for going on The Bachelor to grow her fame on social media and to be the next Bachelorette.

“She’s really auditioning for the Bachelorette role on the show,” a fan wrote.

“She’s a clout chaser – doesn’t seem to be all that into Joey,” another fan commented.

 “Spotted this from day 1 – I think most did. these contestants underestimate how well viewers can see through them. She seemed so contrived, like everything she did was an audition for Bach’ette.”

“Omg, she is on here for fame. Poor Joey better pick Kelsey!”

“I 100% agree because it wasn’t until the last episode she even seemed like she wanted to date and I was like why are you on a dating show then.”

Daisy Kent also starred in a music video titled “Sundown” before the Bachelor.

Which makes the fans believe she’s in it for the fame!

“Influencer and singer…. She’s def there for the right reasons .” a Redditor writes.

“I don’t think I’ve ever done a 180 (negative) on a contestant so fast lol.”

Could this be the reason Daisy broke up with Joey?

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