Leslie Fhima Reveals She Was a ‘Little Uncomfortable’ During THIS Part of The Golden Wedding

Leslie Fhima, the Golden Bachelor runner-up, made a surprising appearance at Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s Golden Wedding.

She recently revealed what made her “a little uncomfortable” while attending her ex’s wedding.

Leslie sat in the audience, along with other Bachelor franchise alums, to watch the couple exchange vows to one another at the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs.

In the ‘Almost Famous’ podcast, she talked about the wedding and shared that she had mixed emotions about when Costa Rica — where the Gerry and Theresa got engaged, and her relationship with him ended — was brought up during the ceremony. 

“It was a little uncomfortable during the ceremony when they were talking about Costa Rica, because I was there too,” Leslie said.

“It was probably the only time it was really uncomfortable for me and seeing Theresa so happy really, kind of, just took that away anyhow.”

Leslie also explained why she decided to attend The Golden Wedding.

“I was given the choice to come, no one made me come. Theresa invited me. And I really thought at the end of the day, we’re all here for one reason – is to find love.”

She said there are no hard feelings between the women.

“And obviously, I know it came down to one of us out of two and Theresa and I were really good friends in the house,” Leslie said.

She continued, “We spent a lot of time together and a lot of talks. We really support each other and we laughed. So, I had to process my heartbreak and it took awhile, but after that, I realized that you know what? They’re probably perfect for each other and I’m so happy that she found love because that’s what we came for.”

During their vows, Gerry told Theresa, “From the first sip of chocolate shake to the last taste of Costa Rican coffee, I learned that you are the woman I can’t live without.”

Leslie felt “blindsided” by the breakup with Gerry after the finale.

“I was 100% certain that I was his girl,” she said. “And things he said to me on our overnight and meeting his family, I mean, they didn’t show everything, but we had such a good time.”