Kaitlyn Calls Out Ex Jason for Playing the ‘Victim’ to Garner Sympathy: ‘I Feel So Disappointed’

Kaitlyn Bristowe shared her frustration over the whole Jason Tartick situation and the controversy that followed after the New Year’s party.

On the latest episode of her Off the Vine podcast, Kaitlyn expressed her disappointment in her former fiancé.

The former Bachelorette slammed Jason Tartick following their split, claiming he’s using “the victim mentality” to “garner sympathy.”

‘I feel so disappointed,’ Kaitlyn started.

“I personally thought Jason and I were in such a good space. He came over the other day and I gave him a house tour. We speak kindly about each other. We had the best time at Chris Harrison’s wedding, so I think I get really confused. I’m a little bit disappointed.”

“It’s really disappointing to me the way that Jason’s kind of leaning into the victim mentality, because I don’t want to dismiss that he’s hurting. I don’t want to dismiss that his feelings are valid and his feelings are hurting, but I have talked to him so openly and honestly,” she continued. “We have been so transparent with each other to have respect for one another. The word disappointed keeps coming up. I feel so disappointed that someone could use a false narrative… to garner sympathy for themselves.”

“I’m almost feeling so much disappointment in certain people and certain things that I didn’t think I would feel and that’s been the downfall for me this year,” she said. “… I think what’s hard too is the opinions of people that I thought were supporters I think really hurt me.”

The Bachelor fan pages started heavily speculating that Kaitlyn Bristowe cheated on Jason Tartick after her New Year’s Eve party footage surfaced online, during which she was seemingly spotted with her arm around Tayshia Adams’ ex Zac Clark.

Which in turn prompted fans speculating about the timeline of it all—especially in regards to Kaitlyn’s breakup with Jason Tartick.

Also, Jason Tartick has unfollowed BOTH Kaitlyn and Zac on Instagram!