Find Out Who Goes Home Next Week on The Bachelor

It was a drama filled week 5 of The Bachelor and the Bachelor fans are curious to find out who Colton Underwood is going to send home at the next rose ceremony!

It all started when Onyeka straight up went to Colton to tell him that Nicole was not here for the “right reasons.”

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“Elyse told me that Nicole said that she’s here to find an opportunity to leave Miami,” Onyeka told the Bachelor.

Tayshia was a witness to that conversation and revealed that Nicole didn’t actually say that.

“She never said that she needs to get out of Miami,” Tayshia said to Onyeka. “It was misconstrued . . . she did not feel that way.”

So, who is Colton going to send home next week on The Bachelor?

The two contestants that are eliminated in the next week’s rose ceremony are..




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