Joey Reveals The Exact Moment He Fell in Love with Kelsey Anderson & Why He Didn’t Tell Her

Both Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson admitted they were falling in love with each other on the latest episode of The Bachelor.

And now, The Bachelor just revealed when he fell for Kelsey.

“It’s a great question. With Kelsey … you go back to the last time she really started expressing things, almost back to Montreal. We were going a lot of off feelings, but there wasn’t really words being exchanged, so I did hold it in for a while,” Joey tells US Weekly.

“We both agree that when she was falling in Montreal, I was falling too. I never said it to her because I wanted to be intentional with my words.”

Joey went on to say that his feelings for Kelsey were solidified during week 7 in Jasper, Canada.

“But it was really after our second one-on-one in Jasper, how just great that day was, how much we were starting to continue to see things move forward and not take any steps back. That was when I kind of truly knew that I was falling in love with her,” Joey said. “But as always, it’s a feeling — it takes time for you to feel comfortable to share those words and there needs to be the right space and you need to think everything through.” 

The Fantasy Suites episode ended with a cliffhanger.

Joey and Kelsey’s fairytale romance soon came crashing down after the Golden Bachelor runner-up Leslie Fhima’s visit to the latter in Tulum.

Leslie, who had a similarly strong Fantasy Suite date with Gerry Turner but didn’t get his final rose warned Kelsey about the upcoming final rose. 

“I wish I wouldn’t have felt so confident,” Leslie tells Kelsey to keep in the back of her mind that she “might not be it.”

“I was very, very sad because I was really in love with him. I would not wish that on my worst enemy, that feeling I had where I was confident and that was it.” 

Following her talk with Leslie, Kelsey began doubting her connection with Joey, and left him a note saying, “We need to talk.”

“This would derail everything if something’s wrong, if she needs to leave, or if something happened,” Joey said. “I don’t know. I don’t want her to leave. I want her to be here — I want her to want to be here. This is like my worst nightmare coming true.”

Kelsey admitted that she’d rather leave prematurely than be heartbroken in the end.

“If it’s not me, it’s something I don’t think I could get over. I would be devastated,” she says. “I would rather leave now than have my heart completely broken.”

“Leslie helped me realize regardless the outcome I will be okay,” Kelsey wrote on her Instagram Story. “I am so thankful for our talk. Please please be kind.” 

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