Daisy Kent Reveals Ben Higgins Slid Into Her DMs

Daisy Kent was already Instagram famous before joining this season of The Bachelor. Thus, this led to some famous Bachelor personalities who wanted to get to know her better. 

She now reveals which Bachelor Nation member slid into her DMs/followed her on social media before her becoming famous on the show,

The post on Bachelor Nation that was pitched as ’20 Questions With Daisy’, she revealed a lot of things for her fans.

One of the questions was who was the most famous person to slide into her DM’s!

Daisy revealed that the most famous person who’s slid into her DMs or followed her on social media is Ben Higgins. 

Now, it’s unclear exactly what the message was about because Daisy didn’t elaborate — she just gave a name.

Here are some of the other questions Daisy answered!

What’s Daisy’s Most Recent Google Search?

“Joey Graziadei,” she answered.

She also revealed that her “celebrity crush” is Justin Bieber. When asked which three members of Bachelor Nation she would most like to hang out with, Daisy answered, “Nick Viall, Abigail Heringer, and Hannah Brown.”

What is Daisy’s biggest pet peeve?

When your plane lands, but there’s no gate, so you’re stuck on the plane on the ground. The worst!

Daisy Kent believes Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are celebrity ‘relationship goals’.

She also revealed that being a contestant on The Bachelor taught her “how to find confidence” in herself.

What’s the first thing she does after waking up?

“Put on my cochlear implant!”

She also revealed that her last meal on earth would be: Ice cream and Chipotle, her hidden talent is Performance water skiing on the top of the pyramid and the person that inspires me the most is her mother.

What would you like to ask Daisy? Stay tuned for more updates.