Gerry Turner Celebrates Thanksgiving by Trolling Brayden Bowers with His Family

Gerry Turner celebrated Thanksgiving this week with his family.

And he also sort of gave a shout out to Bachelor in Paradise star Brayden Bowers with his daughters and grand-daughters.

On November 23, Thanksgiving Day, The Golden Bachelor posted picture on Instagram of his daughters and granddaughters, all of them wearing large earrings.

It’s a Brayden kinda holiday. Thankful for friends!” he wrote in the caption.

A lot of Bachelor fans thought the Turner family was shading Brayden Bowers.

Thankfully, the Bachelor in Paradise star took the trolling positively.

This made my day!!!,” Brayden wrote in the comment section.

Gerry and Brayden now seem to have formed a friendship through their connection in Bachelor Nation.

Do you think Gerry was trolling Brayden or was it merely a shout-out? Write it in the comments section of our Facebook post.

Brayden made an impression with his jewellery choices on Charity’s season of The Bachelorette.

“A lot of times people kind of try to dim me down. I feel like when they meet me, they’re like, ‘Oh, we got to change this about you. I don’t know if this is going to work.’ I mean, that’s kind of what I ran into with Kylee [Russell]. She’s like, ‘Maybe not the dangly earrings, maybe some studs or something like that,’” Bowers told Us in October. “And so when Kat [Izzo] kind of just was like, ‘No, I love your look. I wouldn’t want to change anything.’ It kind of just made me feel good because you want someone that just doesn’t want to change you.”