Gerry Turner addresses Alcoholism Rumors & Where He Would Live With His Fiancé Now

There has been a lot of social media speculation that Gerry Turner is a recovering alcoholic.

Bachelor fans noticed that the Golden Bachelor toasted with orange juice on Night 1 of his journey and continued to drink juice or lemonade throughout his season.

And he’s finally addressing the rumors.

“I love finding the marginal negative, questionable comments. They are the best entertainment. I love it. And the one I think I like the most is when on the show, I had a glass of orange juice. And they said, ‘Oh, look, he’s a recovering alcoholic.’ It’s like, no, there’s vodka in there.”

He went on to explain his choice of orange juice and it’s.. funny!

“And the only reason it isn’t my normal drink is because I had temporary caps on my teeth, and the dentist said you can’t drink cranberry juice because it will stain those temporary caps. So there’s this stuff going on and somebody reads into it that I’m an alcoholic. It cracks me up. Those things are really funny.”

Surrounded by some of this negativity, Gerry told the newspaper that he’s “happier today” than he was prior to filming The Golden Bachelor.

“There’s so much more opportunity and I’ve gotten to know so many great people,” Gerry says.

“I’ve had great experiences; and my family has had great experiences along with me that they would have never been afforded. So there’s so many positive things. I was able to be a presenter at the CMA Awards. My daughter got to go with me.”

And where is he going to live with the future Mrs. Turner?

“That’s a good question, and I think I’ve resolved it with my person. We’ve had good conversation about it, and there are a number of options, and we haven’t come to a final conclusion on that. I really like where I live. She really likes where she lives.”

Gerry Turner told GQ what he eats in a day and how he stays in shape at 72, and it’s actually pretty simple.

“I will always eat breakfast. Usually on Sunday, I make a big breakfast but I will always have breakfast. Then at lunch. It’s like a sandwich, and a yogurt and an apple. That’s pretty much my standard. Then for dinner, it kind of depends on the time of year. If I can grill out during the summer, I’ll grill out as much as I possibly can. I love grilling out salmon, and that’s probably my favorite. I’ll do vegetables and you know, it’s just a variety of things.

“A lot of times it has to do with how much protein I had the night before. If I went maybe a little light on the protein the night before, I’ll make sure that I have eggs for breakfast,” he said.