Jimmy Kimmel Drags Arie and Lauren over Quick Engagement & Shocking Finale

“I know you’re a race car driver, but slow the hell down already.”

Jimmy Kimmel had a lot of questions for The Bachelor‘s newest couple, Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his fiancée Lauren Burnham Tuesday night on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

“Why after feeling like that was a mistake to have [proposed], which obviously it was a mistake, did you turn around and get engaged tonight?” Kimmel asked him. “What rush are you in?”

“We spent the last few months together and we’re ready to move on with our lives,” Arie answered before Jimmy jumped in and asked “How many months has it been?”

“Two—two and a half months,” Arie replied.

“That’s not a few. Three is a few. Two is a couple.”

“Did it worry you when you saw all them all going like ‘this guy… he’s manipulative, he’ll say whatever he wants to say to your face’?” Jimmy asked Lauren on other contestants’ reaction to Arie’s decision

“I honestly haven’t seen any of it. But no, it doesn’t worry me.” she replied.

“Well, wait till you see it.”

Jimmy then got in one last dig after Lauren said they were planning their wedding already.

“So you guys are really in love, for sure this time? When he goes to a restaurant does he say ‘I’ll have the halibut’ and then like five minutes later he’s like ‘hey, hey, I want to change it to the chicken’?

“We haven’t been to one yet.” said Lauren.

To which Jimmy joked on the square, “You haven’t been to a restaurant together?! Well then you should definitely get married right away.”

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