Jason Reveals Gabby Broke up with Him in the Fantasy Suite – ‘We Slept In Our Own Rooms’

Jason Alabaster is speaking out about his break up with Gabby Windey on the Bachelorette.

“This has been an especially painful time, and watching back those final moments we shared was absolutely heart wrenching,” Jason said. “I have learned so much about myself through this process, but mostly I have learned that Gabby is one of the strongest women I’ve ever met.”

“Her ability to keep her heart open and be vulnerable while navigating an impossibly complex and delicate situation is testament to that,” he added, “and I have nothing but admiration and respect for her.”

“I know what the expectation of this is for a lot of people, being engaged and being fully in love. To be completely transparent and honest,” he confessed. “I think it’s because in this environment it’s constantly in my head what’s real, what’s not real. I’m questioning so many things. I don’t think in another seven days I’ll be ready for that.”

About the break up, he said:

“About the fantasy suite night. A question that I get is you know ‘Jason, why didn’t you tell Gabby that you were not ready for an engagement until the fantasy suite night’ we had this conversation, we didn’t have a good space to actually sit down and just have an open and honest discussion about where we stood until that next day in Mexico. The next time I saw Gabby, that was our second date and with my family was our third date.”

“I was truly trying to utilise that time as best as I could to further see if I could get to that point to potentially get engaged to her. That night we had a discussion where I told her I want to be as honest as I can with you and I’m just not there yet.”

“It was just a shitty situation and honestly I’m a little confused over how it ended and before I knew it, it was the morning, we literally talked for a few hours and we went to our separate rooms. We basically broke up in the fantasy suite. We went our separate ways, we slept in our own rooms.”

Gabby also explained her side of the story in a podcast.

“A lot of people wondered what I meant by saying me and Jason were very different. It’s hard because viewers are seeing only a portion of things. I looked at it way more intensely than just what you’re seeing, but Jason and I are just different in the sense that he’s much more reserved than I am,” Gabby said. He was pretty open about the process being difficult for him, so that in general, I am more of an extrovert and I love attention. The way we connected was definitely because we were opposites. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.”

“Meeting his family for the first time at Hometowns was so special because I got to know so much about him that he didn’t tell me. Having his family tell you what he was like growing up and what he’s like around his friends really painted a picture. Going into Jason’s Hometown, I asked his family if they thought we were too different in the way we move through the world. His family reassured me and that was so nice.”