Gabi Reveals Real Reason She Didn’t Self Eliminate – And The Exact Time She Knew She Lost Bachelor

Gabi Elnicki is opening up about the moment she realized Zach is not going to choose her on The Bachelor season 27. 

In a conversation with Joe Amabile on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation, Gabi said she initially suspected that Zach wouldn’t be proposing to her after his regrets about the Fantasy Suites.

Zach called sleeping with Gabi his biggest mistake in the following rose ceremony. While she understood that he broke his own rule and was mad at himself, she still found these remarks “mean.” 

Gabi then went on to add that Zach wouldn’t make eye contact with her, and was only looking at Kaity. 

“In that rose ceremony when he was only speaking to Kaity and he wasn’t making eye contact with me, it was a really isolating feeling,” she said on the podcast. “In that moment I knew it was not me because anyone who loved me and wanted it to be me wouldn’t speak of something that was a special moment in that way.”

When Gabi pulled up to the final rose ceremony, she said something that made her doubts clear. “That’s a really muddy spot,” she told her driver. “Y’all shouldn’t pull in right there. When it actually matters, when Kaity arrives, don’t do that to her.”

“This is about to be Kaity’s moment when she gets out and she’s happy and excited,” Gabi said of the reason behind her comment. “Don’t make her heel sink into the mud and throw her off balance!”

“I’ve known it was coming,” Gaby told Zach at the final rose ceremony. “What I don’t know, is why you wouldn’t tell me when you knew.”

“When your gut speaks, you should listen to it,” she said on the car ride home. “I stuck around thinking, Maybe it’s just all the things you fear. Maybe it’s all the things you hate about yourself. Maybe it’s not your gut. No. Your gut’s always right.”

Gabi reveals why she didn’t self-eliminate if she knew she wasn’t the one.

“I’ve hesitated saying this, but I think it is important to know why I did stay,” Gabi revealed. “I thought about my relationship with Kaity and if I were in her shoes. It was clear, Kaity was the choice. Kaity had been the choice. But, if I had left, she could’ve felt like she was the choice by default.”

“She was truly the choice and I never wanted her to feel like, ‘Well, Gabi left, so he had to choose me.’ Because, no. He was always choosing Kaity,” she continued. “The only reason I would’ve left is because I knew he was choosing Kaity. But I didn’t want her to feel any kind of doubt when he proposed to her and she watched it all back.”