Zach Reveals He Couldn’t Get Kaity Her ‘Ideal’ Engagement Ring Because of Tino Franco

Zach Shallcross got down on one knee and presented Kaity Biggar with a beautiful Neal Lane ring in the season finale of The Bachelor.

Although Kaity’s engagement ring looked beautiful, it wasn’t the one she wanted the most. 

“I thought it was gonna be stressful,” Zach described the jewelry-picking process on the “Chicks in the Office” podcast. “I was like, ‘Oh, my God. This is the moment.’ I don’t want to [mess it up].’”

The Bachelor lead described the ring as the second best in terms of his fiancés requirements.

According to him, when he selected the ring to propose to Kaity Biggar, he couldn’t get the one he wanted because of Tino Franco.

Remember this guy?

He was the Bachelorette Rachel Recchia’s winner.

 Kaity explained that her “ideal ring–and I’ve told Zach this–would be a gold band with an emerald cut on top.”

Zach then went on to say that when he saw the oval-cut bauble and thought it “screams Kaity without a doubt. But I guess, Tino gave that to Rachel [Recchia] last season, but either way, I’m so grateful. Like, it is a gorgeous ring.”

“It is the second best ring and she loves it — second,” Zach added jokingly.

The ring in question features a center oval-cut diamond and over 150 smaller diamonds, bringing the ring to nearly 3.10 carats.

“There’s something about that ring that just caught my attention,” Zach said while discussing choosing the ring. ” I just, without a doubt, could picture Kaity wearing that ring and it looking beautiful on her.”

Let’s compare the two rings.

Here’s Rachel Recchia’s engagement ring.

And this one was chosen by Zach for Kaity Biggar.

Which one’s your favourite?