Edith Reveals Why She was SHOCKED She was Sent Home by Gerry on Golden Bachelor

Edith Aguirre went home during week 3 of the Golden Bachelor leaving the Bachelor Nation absolutely shocked by her exit.

Eliminated: Week 3

Age: 60

Hometown: Downey, California

Job: Retired Realtor

Edith revealed that she felt very connected to Gerry Turner on the show.

She went on to say that there were a few one-on-one interactions with Gerry that the viewers didn’t get to see.

“It didn’t show up [last night] and thats why I was a little bit surprised I didn’t get a rose. So, I was pretty in shock,” Edith said.

“But.. I guess I just didn’t have the connection.”

When asked about her impression of Gerry, here’s what she said:

“Oh, he is so handsome. He has beautiful blue eyes. I’m attracted to him and.. he’s just such a beautiful soul.

Here are some reactions from Twitter fans who were clearly very upset and shocked Edith didn’t receive a rose.

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