Bachelorette Men Tell All Hints at Dean Unglert as the Next Bachelor

He made it to the top four and he’s a Bachelor Nation fan favorite.

When it comes to the next Bachelor lead, fans have their eyes on one guy. We’re talking about The Bachelorette season 13 contestant Dean Unglert.

The decision to choose The Bachelor for 2018 is getting closer and next week’s Bachelorette Men Tell All special hinted at one man in particular – DEAN!

He was most recently sent home by Rachel Lindsay after the hometown dates.

A source at the taping last Saturday tells Life & Style that the Men Tell All made it obvious they wanted Dean as the next Bachelor.

“Dean ended up receiving the most applause from the audience,” the insider says of the event filmed in LA.

“It was obvious he was the crowd’s favorite. Many of the girls were fawning over him. He would make a great Bachelor.”

Also, Dean was the only guy who got to sit next to Rachel Lindsay during the entire Men Tell All.

“Their chemistry seemed pretty natural,” the source shares of Dean and Rachel’s sit-down.

“It wasn’t awkward to look at them together. They were kind of just talking how exes talk: ‘I’ve got some questions and I’m wondering what the reasons were behind your actions,’ and that was it.”

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