Gerry Turners will Take THESE Contestants to Fantasy Suites – TOP 3 Golden Bachelor

The entire Bachelor Nation is extremely curious about one thing and one thing alone – ‘Who are Gerry Turner’s Fastasy Suite dates?

Say no more..

Typically, the Fantasy Suites are an extremely intimate time that the Bachelor and his three remaining contestants spend together in a hotel room without the cameras.

“Believe me—when I say that it was the most important time of the journey, I’m not exaggerating,” Gerry said about the fantasy suite dates.

These are Gerry Turner’s TOP 3 contestant’s on the season 1 of Golden Bachelor.

But.. there’s a twist!

He’s only going to take 2 contestants to fantasy suites.


[This article contains spoilers from Gerry Turners Fantasy Suite episode of The Golden Bachelor]

Gerry Turner’s TOP 3 are:

Faith Martin

Theresa Nist

Leslie Fhima

Gerry will only end up taking 2 out of his top 3 to the fantasy suites.

The contestant that would be eliminated right before the Fantasy Suite dates is none other than.. the fan favourite:

Faith Martin

Gerry Turner has remained faithful to his heart throughout his journey to find love. He went on to admit that he did go beyond his limits at one point and broke a rule that he set for himself:

“The only thing might be a little bit of embarrassment when my granddaughters see that I failed my commitment to not kiss anyone on the first night and I did. And then in short subsequent manner after that, I think I kissed everyone on the show, including the cameraman and a couple of the audio people,” he said.

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