Zach Says He Didn’t Lie to Gabi, Sends a Message to Her

The Bachelor season 27 ended this week with Zach Shallcross proposing to Kaity Biggar on the finale of the ABC dating show.

Zach picked Kaity over Gabi Elnicki leaving the latter absolutely heartbroken.

The lead has since faced a lot of criticism and hate from the Bachelor Nation for lying about picking Kaity Biggar.

What does he have to say about that?

“That’s the beauty of reality TV and editing. I’m not gonna lie about it. I didn’t know when I left the last chance [date] with Gabi. I truly didn’t know,” Zach says on  Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast during a joint interview with Kaity.

“And it was the moment I saw Kaity after my date with Gabi.. I was like, ‘This is my wife. There’s not a doubt in my mind.’”

Zach revealed that the dates aired out of order and when he told Gabi that he was “so torn” between the two women, he was being honest. 

He later sent out a message to her saying, “I hope Gabi knows that, like, the intentions were as pure as they could be, and I did not wanna hurt her on that.”

Gabi joined Zach on stage at the After The Final Rose, where she told him she was “still hurting” and “sad” about the whole situation. 

Here are some of the reactions from Bachelor fans calling out Zach after the finale.