Rachel Lindsay Says She is ‘Utterly Annoyed’ with Peter Weber and Here’s Why

Rachel Lindsay is not happy with our Bachelor!

Juliet Litman invited the former Bachelorette on her podcast Bachelor Party, where they talked about this season of The Bachelor.

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Rachel shared she was ‘annoyed’ with Peter and that he isn’t handling the pressure too well.

They talked about his decision to eliminate Alayah and how he was too confused.

“I was utterly annoyed,” Rachel said. “Figure it out; it’s week three.”


“If you can’t make these hard decisions, like coming from this experience… This is easy, this is fun. You barely know these people. I had no problem sending people home at the beginning,” she continued.

“Once those feelings get involved, and you get to know these people, and you don’t have a producer telling you who’s who and their names, that’s when it gets hard.”

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They also talked about how Peter seems to be in love with most contestants.

“I was just surprised by how much he really seems to like everyone,” Juliet Litman said.

“He clearly likes Madison the most; there’s no question there. He’s just smitten with Madison.”

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“Before the season started, I said Peter is going to fall in love with five to seven women,” added Rachel. “Every time he goes on a date, he falls in love.”

Rache agreed that Madison Prewett is the best choice for Peter.

“[Peter] thinks he wants a Hannah Ann or a Hannah Brown [feisty type], but in real life, you want a Madison,” Rachel said.

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