Zach and Kaity Officially Set The Wedding Date and Location

Zach Shallcross and Kaity Biggar are GETTING MARRIED!

The Bachelor winner took to Instagram to announce that the couple have officially set the wedding date and location.

Kaity said that the wedding will take place in Texas. And they’re going to tie the knot in October of 2025.

She also revealed that the couple is set to meet the wedding planner next week.

“We have decided 2025,” Kaity said previously on the Bachelor Happy Hour Podcast. “I knew Zach, but I knew his heart and I knew his morals and values. I knew I wanted to be with this man. I knew he’d make a great father and husband and that’s what sprung me into this relationship.”

Last year, Kaity had said that her dream wedding would be “Turks and Caicos on the beach. 2025, probably May weather. He’s heard this all.”

Zach added, “Ideally when we put pen to paper, we want to do a destination wedding. Very small, very intimate, close family and friends, but make it fun for everyone. We want to go somewhere cool and leave it at that. Make it a vacation for everyone.”

Kaity added that they’ve talked about saving the money they’d spend on a wedding to buy a house.

“It’s really hard to justify spending thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on just a day. It’s a very special day, mind you. Or we could put that money towards a house that’s going to be ours for the rest of our lives, but it’s this special thing.”

Zach and Kaity moved in together last July and are currently living together in Austin.

Last July, Kaity took to Instagram to share pictures of the couple in their new home and captioned the post, “Officially roommates!”

“Our relationship has gotten stronger since moving in together. It actually has,” Kaity told fans on Instagram. “We get to watch movies together and wake up together. We do all the activities together and cook together and clean together.”

“Kaity and I, we wanted to get back to normal,” Zack said. “We wanted to do our jobs and get back into that normalcy as much as we can. You can just go to L.A. and then try to pursue that, which is totally fine. But for us, we love Austin. We love everything that’s going on here, and I think a lot of other people recognize that too.”