Kaitlyn answers Whose Decision Was It to Split & If She’ll Reconcile with Jason

Kaitlyn Bristowe is opening up about her split from Jason Tartick and if there’s a possibility of a second chance between them.

The former Bachelorette told TMZ that they were taking things day by day. 

“It’s tough times,” Kaitlyn said recently. “I mean, the easiest part is that we respect each other and love each other.”

When she was asked whether her and Jason “grew out” of each other and whose decision was it to break up, she said:

“I don’t even know. Honestly, it was both of our decision to break up. We keep saying, too, that the door isn’t permanently closed.. that’s why there’s handles on it. We don’t know what’s going on.”

She also talked about how the Bachelor fans would react to her break up on her recent podcast.

“I’ve gotten to this point where something like going through a breakup — it’s a loss, it’s grief … and now these people are on the other end of this phone expecting you to share it with them while you’re going through it,” she said. “Then they think, ‘You’re hiding something from us, why wouldn’t you be honest? I thought you were an open book, I thought you were this and just tell us already that you guys are broken up.’ And I’m holding so much responsibility because I see them as this community that I’ve built for myself.”

Their friends are family are rooting for them to get back together.

“Friends and family are all for them taking some time apart, but they’d love them to get back together,” the source said.

Kaitlyn and Jason also felt “intense pressure” to make their relationship work. 

“Kaitlyn would love to have worked things out with Jason, but I really think any talk of a reconciling is wishful thinking at this point,” they went on to explain. “But who knows, couples get back together all the time. I guess time will tell.”