Rachel Lindsay Reveals Why She Won’t Watch Charity’s Bachelorette Season

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay spoke to PEOPLE about Charity Lawson being the Bachelorette and whether or not she is going to watch her season.

“I haven’t met Charity. I would actually love to meet Charity. She seems lovely. I don’t follow the show, but it’s inevitable to not see it and not see what’s going on. She seems great. She seems really happy. She was actually at our studio the other day, but I missed her,” she said.

“So, Charity, if you’re out there, I’m rooting for you, and I wish you all the best. But I’m not going to watch. But I will reach out. I’m always there,” Rachel added.

She explains, “I still keep in touch with past/present contestants, whoever. My door’s always open, but not my TV. It’s not tuned in.”

Charity Lawson on the other had was nothing but ‘Grateful’ that Rachel Lindsay is in her corner.

“It’s nice to know that I do have someone to lean back [on], or just have an anchor in time of need. So thank you, Rachel, obviously, and hopefully even though you’re not watching, you’ll see the outcome at the end of all this.”

“All of their support has been so overwhelming, all great things, and they really are so excited for me. I just love that they are excited for me to be in this role and supporting me,” she continued.