Vanessa Grimaldi & Rachel Lindsay’s Hotel Room Brawl in Bimini – Full Story

Rachel Lindsay and Vanessa Grimaldi are two of the fan favorite contestants this season.

So, what we’re about to share with you is probably going to be a shocker!

On  Week 7 of The Bachelor, two of Nick Viall’s frontrunners got into a nasty fight in a hotel room in Bimini and we have all the details.

Reality Steve reported that the argument between Vanessa and Rachel started while they were in the room with Danielle Maltby, while Kristina, Raven & Corinne were on a group date.

He calls the situation “the Blowout in Bimini,” due to how heated things are said to have gotten.

“I’m hearing it got very heated and most were on Rachel’s side as they weren’t fans of Vanessa,” Steve revealed in his blog post a few weeks ago.

“Don’t know the exact details of the fight other than it was the most talked about one of the season, had been building awhile, and these two slung barbs at each other pretty good.”

This is how everything went down in Bimini according to blogger Reality Steve.

Vanessa basically approached Rachel in Bimini as she felt she was being bullied by her in the house and excluded her with the other women because Rachel rolled her eyes and didn’t look her in eyes during their group chats. She accused her of using her “lawyer” traits and that her tone was intimidating.

Rachel took offence to it because she didn’t think of it as bullying. She then told her that she didn’t have problems with her but Vanessa made her  uncomfortable.

She then went on to say that she didn’t want to be friends with Vanessa because of how two-faced she was with some of the girls in the house.

One of the examples he gave was:

“Vanessa turned on Taylor when Taylor wasn’t popular in the house, she defriended Sarah when Nick’s friends came over for a group talk to all the girls in Wisconsin, and also tried to fake a friendship with Corinne. Rachel told Vanessa in Bimini she just wanted to keep her distance from her.”

Vanessa then told Rachel that she told Nick about how Rachel felt about her. That was apparently the last straw that set Rachel off.

He also wrote that Vanessa was always “manipulatively attempting to take down those she felt threatened by.”

One of the examples was when she used her group date time with Nick to warn him about Danielle Lombard who he had just been on a date with. This again wasn’t shown on t.v.











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