These are Joey’s TOP 6 Contestants- See Who’s Going Home This Week With 1 Self Elimination

We officially have 10 contestants left on the show after Madina Alam & Autumn Waggoner were sent home by Joey during week 5 rose ceremony on The Bachelor.

Joey will be taking Daisy, Jenn, Jessica, Katelyn, Kelsey A., Kelsey T., Lea, Lexi, Maria, and Rachel to Canada this week on The Bachelor.

And he’ll be sending 4 of them home during the rose ceremony, at the end of the episode.


These are Joey’s TOP 6 contestants.

Daisy Kent

Kelsey Anderson

Kelsey Toussant

Jenn Tran

Maria Georgas

Rachel Nance

The 4 contestants that will be going home this week on the Bachelor are:

Katelyn DeBacker

Jess Edwards

Lea Cayanan

Lexi Young ends up self eliminating during the week 6 of The Bachelor.

The reason for her self elimination was that she said her timeline of getting married and having kids doesn’t line up with what Joey wants.

Maria Georgas and Kelsey Toussant would be getting the one on one’s this week.