Teddi Wright Leaves Cryptic Message after Shocking Unannounced Exit from Paradise

The Bachelor Nation and the contestants were left confused when Teddi Wright made a shocking exit from Bachelor in Paradise.

Teddi unannounced exit came after she started to doubt her connection with Andrew Spencer.

She then made a big decision of leaving following her “break up” with Andrew.

“I feel so bad i just want to go now,” she told producers. “I’m just not [finding love] so I wanna go. I’m not going in there and doing a big goodbye with everyone.”

“I came here to meet Andrew and it didn’t work, so now I want to go,” Teddi said after packing her bags. “I want to get married and I want to have kids and I want to love someone. I want to be affectionate with them. But I just don’t think it’s going to happen here now.”

Wells Adams shared the news with Serene about Teddi’s exit.

“I didn’t think she was going to leave. I’m telling you straight right now. I was trying but didn’t want to smother her,” Andrew says crying. “I really botched that dude, I’m reeling man. It hurts because I tried. I knew it didn’t fit, but I really wanted it to.”

“I’ve just been dumped,” Andrew said. “I wanted it to work so badly. But she wasn’t really feeling it. There was something there. I know it’s there. I was trying to make it blossom, stoke the fire a little bit. It just didn’t catch.”

“I want it just as bad as you,” Andrew tells Teddi. “I feel like you’re going to make me better. … [But] I don’t want to force nothing.”

Things escalated when Rodney Matthews arrived on the beach and wanted to ask Teddi out on a date.

“I definitely want to get to know Rodney. … I think I am concerned about Andrew. Sometimes I think I’m not as affectionate as he would want me to be or as affectionate as I am in other relationships,” Teddi said. “And I think Rodney getting here has made that clear to me, so I have been feeling kind of bad about that. I’m just really confused.”

Teddi took to social media to indirectly address the whole situation with an Instagram post.

In her post, Teddi said she was proud of learning two things. One was sticking to her boundaries when people in authority tried to cross them. The other was, “leaving environments that are cruel to me.”

Bachelor Alum Kendall Long commented saying, “Love that you escaped a toxic situation before it became much worse. Lessons to live by.” 

After a Bachelor fan asked Kendall why the show was so “toxic,” she replied: “Honestly, just have to go on the show to know fully.”

Another fan commented saying ‘She finally stood up to the producers and we’re so proud of her.”