Peter Weber SLAMS Hannah Brown For This Reason – and it’s BAD!

Pilot Peter is NOT thrilled with Hannah Brown and he’s making it known to the world!

Peter Weber is upset with the former Bachelorette after she exposed their post Bachelorette hookup in her book — after previously promising not to reveal the details.

And it’s something he says he would not have done.

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber's Relationship Timeline

“Personally, I wouldn’t have done something like that,” he divulged on the Here for the Right Reasons podcast. “If two people have a private situation and talk and they say that they’re gonna keep it private, I just keep it private. I don’t know — she now has done that to me on two occasions where she said she’s not gonna say anything. And then she says something.”

He also can’t trust her anymore after the book.

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He continued that he “doesn’t think he could confide in her” after the betrayal. Peter even added that her reveal in the book “probably helped sell a lot of books” for Hannah.

He went on to explain why it didn’t work out between them.

“Try to put yourself in our shoes and everything we had been through and then not being able to see each other and seeing each other and how everything happened. It was a very, ‘What is going on?’ moment. And it was just two people kind of exploring that and nothing came from it and that’s OK. I was never gonna speak on it, but once it got out, like, there was nothing to hide, nothing that I felt bad about or ashamed of.”

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In her book, Hannah Brown wrote about their post-show hook up in February 2020, where the exes ran into each other at Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour’s engagement party, and Peter ended up taking her back to “his place.”

“Which, if you didn’t know from the show, was also his parents’ house,” she wrote. “It was so uncomfortable for me. And Peter just went upstairs and went to bed and left me there with his mom.”

“I’m not sure what to say about it, except that it wasn’t good,” she continued. “Our connection wasn’t the same as it used to be. He wasn’t as caring in bed. It was awkward to have to be quiet, knowing his parents were basically down the hall. It was just the weirdest thing,” she wrote.

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As for Peter, he did try to reach out to her post the book release.

“I did not talk to her after the book came out. I reached out to her, I received no comment [back] and, you know, it is what is.”

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