OMG – Here are all Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Contestants – Have a look

These are all the contestants that are going to appear on the upcoming season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Some of them may surprise you.

 Shanae Ankney

Lace Morris

Victoria Fuller

Danielle Maltby

Alex Bordyukov 

Teddi Wright

Brittany Galvin

Jessenia Cruz

James Bonsall and Aaron Clancy


Brandon Jones 

Rodney Mathews

Genevieve Parisi

Peter Izzo

Olu Onajide

Hunter Haag

Mara Agrait

Eliza Isichei

Lyndsey Windham


These are the men from Gabby and Rachel’s season that are going to appear on Paradise.

Johnny DePhillipo

Hayden Markowitz

Tyler Norris

The Twins Joey and Justin Young