Maria Reveals Nick Viall Conspired To Make Her the Villain on The Bachelor

Maria Georgas spilled all of the Bachelor tea on her Call Her Daddy podcast appearance this Wednesday.

Maria shared how her earlier relationship with Nick Viall impacted her experience.

First things first – Did she ever date Nick Viall?

“Nothing has ever happened between Nick and I, but it’s always been a friendship,” she started. “He helped me through breakups. He was a good friend to me at points, and it was great. But I remember, and I never really understood it until actually being on the show, he had said to me, ‘I can see you being the villain.’ He’s like, ‘You’re going to go on. You’re going to be the villain,’ And I was like, why me?”

“I didn’t go in there and try to piss people off,” she continued. “But I remember him saying, ‘People are going to come after you no matter what. I can just see it. You’re going to be the villain.’ It was just funny because after I finished filming, there was rumors about me being a villain.”

“I was like, ‘There’s something weird about all this.’ Because it was too close, like it was too close to home. I was like – this was said and now this! Guys, if there was a moment in the house where I can say, ‘OK, I deserve that,’ I would say I would not even begin to think about this, but I was so innocent.”

Maria went on to explain how Nick Viall played a hand in her edit with Sydney. It all ties to his friendship with Ashley Iaconetti, who is close with Sydney.

“I remember someone sent me a photo of Nick and Sydney together. They were all friends because Sydney’s friends with Ashley, and Nick’s close with Ashley, and Ashley’s close with Sydney,” Maria said. “Part of me was like, was this all planned? Because I knew I was innocent, hand to God. So, when this all started happening, and then imagine dealing with that in the house and then coming out and seeing that she’s friends with Nick, I was like, there’s something conspiring.”

Maria said that she and Sydney buried the hatchet on the show, but that clip never aired.

“She hugged me before the group date and she was like, ‘Maria, I just want to say again, I’m sorry for taking something out of context.’ It wasn’t shown. We hugged it out. We were good. Later on that night is when she was like, ‘I feel bullied by you.’ You hugged me earlier that day. It was crazy. But again, because I know she is a good person, deep down, I think that again, in this environment, it just brought out the worst.”

“I just want everyone to know that there’s no animosity between us. I think we have always been friends,” she said. “[Nick has] always been great to me, and I respect his relationship. I respect where he is now. I’m happy to see him grow. But yeah, to say that we didn’t have a past, that would be a lie.”