Lauren Bushnell Spotted on a Date with Mystery Man

A few days after Ben revealed that he was feeling ‘a little empty’ after the break up, Lauren Bushnell was spotted on a date, having the time of her life with a mystery man at a dodgers game.

Oh and she’s definitely giving him a rose. [Scroll down for Lauren’s tweet]

Here are some of the pictures from the dodgers game posted by Lauren Bushnell on her Instagram.

Lauren with a date at Dodgers Game

Lauren spotted on a date with a mystery man

“The whole podcast thing was really hard at first because I was hurting so much and all of a sudden they’re doing a podcast,” Lauren told PEOPLE about Ben and Ashley Iaconetti’s iHeartRadio podcast, Ben and Ashley: Almost Famous.

“That was just really bad timing. I know when it came to us talking, there was some frustration. This is so private and so fresh and so new.”

Here’s how she gave him a date rose on Twitter!

Also, it looks like Ben Higgins immediately unfollowed his ex fiancé from Instagram and Twitter after she posted the pictures and a video from her date on social media.

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