Lauren B Changes Arie from ‘Kissing Bandit’ to The Bachelor- Rachel Lindsay Blogs

In an exclusive blog to US Weekly, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay talks about Arie Jr’s chemistry with Lauren B and how she changed him from a ‘Kissing Bandit’ to The Bachelor.

“Lauren B. gets the first one-on-one. I, for, one am very interested in this date because Arie seems to be very into her. He is beyond excited and told her that he saved this date specifically for her. I have to admit that this is the most life and excitement I have seen in Arie since he licked the bowling ball.

There is something there between these two, and I want to know what it is because I do not see it yet. As I am watching this date unfold, I realize I will have to wait a little bit long or maybe never to learn more about this his connection with her. The only thing I can say about this one-on-one is wow … oh wait, I’m sorry that is all Lauren B. said. I think no more than ten words were said on this part of the date and he is trying to force something that is just not there. I can tell Arie is a little concerned.

Later that evening, Arie is working overtime to get Lauren B. to open up. You know, I think guys are painfully obvious when they really are into a girl. He is going above and beyond to make her feel comfortable. Eventually his efforts work because Lauren finally said more than “wow” and we see a deeper side of her that is sincere but guarded.

Additionally, we get more insight into Arie’s romantic past. I actually enjoyed hearing more about Arie’s past relationships that did not include Emily Maynard. Arie and Lauren B. bond over past heartaches. They gain a better understanding of one another and he gives her the rose. One thing that I did notice is that Arie does not kiss Lauren the way he does every other girl in the house. It was gentle, patient and sweet. The kissing bandit left the room and the Bachelor entered.”

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