Greer Claps Back at Zach on Instagram after Awkward Zoom Date – He Responds

It was a first for The Bachelor when the lead, Zach Shallcross, was diagnosed with COVID during the filming of his season.

A Zoom cocktail party was set up for the Bachelor and his contestants and things didn’t go too well.

Greer Blitzer, a medical sales rep, who also got the first impression rose from Zach, related her own experience with COVID on a Zoom call with the Bachelor.

“I had COVID at the end of the quarter during year-end, so it messed with my career in sales,” Greer told him over Zoom. “I know how you feel missing out on things.”

It turns out, Zach didn’t take Greer’s conversation too well.

“I think me missing out on finding a wife is slightly more important than [a sales quarter],” he replied.

After worrying in her ITM that she might have “offended” Zach, she still got a rose later at the virtual Rose Ceremony.

After the episode was aired, Greer took to Instagram to throw shade at the Bachelor over their Zoom conversation.

She posted a selfie with the caption, “Women who care about their careers are hot.”

Zach has now responded to this after his attitude with Greer was met with backlash from the Bachelor Nation.

“Watching it back, I completely empathize with her,” Zach said in an interview with Variety. “I think she was really just trying to connect and relate with me when I had Covid, and really I was just already frustrated with everything kinda, you know, going on. You know, I definitely could have delivered my sentiment in a lot more of a respectful way, in a calmer way. It was just one of those conversations that just was off. No excuse, I should have responded better, so I totally, totally, 100 percent get where she’s coming from.”