Kaitlyn Bristowe Apparently Cheated on Jason Tartick With Zac Clark after New Year Eve’s Footage Surfaced Online

2024 started on a really dramatic note for Kaitlyn Birstowe and Jason Tartick.

The Bachelor fans pages started heavily speculating that Kaitlyn Bristowe cheated on Jason Tartick after her New Year’s Eve party footage surfaced online, during which she was seemingly spotted with her arm around Tayshia Adams’ ex Zac Clark.

Which in turn prompted fans speculating about the timeline of it all—especially in regards to Kaitlyn’s breakup with Jason Tartick.

“The vibe for 2024 is messy authenticity over fake perfection,” Kaitlyn immediately shared on her Instagram Stories shortly after Bachelor Nation began circulating the gossip.

“You would think by now I’d be used to the hate. I’m not. Your words hurt. Your shaming hurts. Part of me feels a little sad and honestly embarrassed for you guys because this shouldn’t be how you spend day 1 of a new year,” she wrote. “You should not be this invested in someone you don’t even know or respect. It’s actually scary, and I know looking inward might be even scarier for you. But the bullying is next level. You are allowed to have opinions and feelings. But you don’t even know the truth, and your HATE should actually come with consequences. I truly worry about some of your mental health. It’s not OK. It’s. Not. Please. Please feel ashamed of yourselves for treating someone this way who you don’t know. I did not kill someone. I had a party with some of my favorite people. Shame. On. YOU. Not me.”

Kaitlyn then reacted to a post featuring the video of her and Zac at the New Years Eve party, where they had their arms around each other when the countdown to midnight began. 

“Hi! Here to say that there was never an ounce of cheating happening and I will not stand for this rumor. Y’all are NASTY in here. Anywho. Swear on my dogs lives,” she wrote.

“No cheating went on. So we can just put that to rest. Thank you!! Happy new year everyone. Go donate some blood or somethin!”

Also, Jason Tartick has unfollowed BOTH Kaitlyn and Zac on Instagram!

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As for Zac, he appeared on and won Tayshia Adams’ season of The Bachelorette in 2020. The pair got engaged on the final episode of the show and went their separate ways in Nov. 2021.