Gerry Turner ‘Offended’ by Theresa Nist Wanting a Prenup – Janaury Marriage Plans in Chaos

Gerry Turner gave his final rose to Theresa Nist on the finale of the Golden Bachelor.

During the ‘After the Finale Rose’ live special, the new couple seemed as happy as can be after revealing their plans to have a live televised wedding on Thursday, January 4.

And there’s already trouble in paradise!

Theresa Nist has been forced by her friends and family to think twice about her decision to marry Gerry Turner following his admission of lies.

 “He’s been caught lying, and people are telling Theresa to think twice.” Life & Style reported.

They went on to add that people close to Theresa have been “stressing the importance of having a prenup,” as they move ahead with their wedding plans for January next month.

Also, Gerry Turner is against the idea and is offended that Theresa doesn’t trust him.

“He’s offended that she doesn’t trust him,” the source told the publication. “They’re bickering all the time now — unless the cameras are on.”

Despite the disagreement, “She wants to stick it out, though her friends think it’s for the wrong reasons.”

After the whole ex drama, it looks like Theresa may be having her own doubts and concerns as well.

“Now Gerry’s having to explain himself, and Theresa is questioning everything he’s ever said,” the source disclosed.

The Bachelor fans are in agreement on the prenup, as they expressed in the comments.

“Theresa baby get a prenup #GoldenBachelor I ain’t trustin him around the women he’s loved.” one fan wrote.

“PRENUP,” tweeted one viewer before adding, “Nobody has asked in interviews blowing up this quickie televised wedding Jan 4th about a prenup.” a second fan commented.

“I think she should. He’s clearly not someone that is totally honest,” another fan wrote.

Gerry and Theresa may or may not get married on January 4, 2024, in a wedding that will be live-streamed on ABC.

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