JoJo Fletcher Shares Baby Plans and her Advice to Daisy, Joey & Kelsey

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are ready to start a family!

“We both have always wanted to have kids, so when the day comes that our little family expands, we will be very excited and ready for it!”

“Day-to-day life hasn’t [changed]. I think that Jordan and I were together for six years before we got actually married, but I will say there’s just a much, much deeper bond,” JoJo tells PEOPLE, adding that the couple have a deeper [level] of security and respect.”

“So I feel like there’s just something that happens that’s hard to put words to,” she continues, “but there’s this very deep, love, respect and security that you have once you get married and start planning for your future.”

“[We’re] really excited about starting a family whenever that obviously does happen for us, but it is just the next step for us, and I think we’re both at the place,” Fletcher explains. “I think Jordan was ready so long ago, so now that we’re both kind of in that same head space, I’m excited for it.”

“We both have nieces and nephews that we just love going to their soccer games and all their different things, so I think that’s a next phase that we’re both pretty pumped about.”

She also reveals the advice she gave Joey and Kelsey after their engagement.

JoJo tells Life & Style that Joey and Kelsey “really enjoy this season of their relationship now that they are a real life couple!”

“It’s seriously the best feeling! We made the decision to return back to normal life as quickly as possible and it was one of the best decisions we made for our relationship,” JoJo continued. “I would also tell them to remember that although there may be challenges you are faced with, to give eachother grace and understanding as you navigate this new norm.”

The former Bachelorette also shared the advice she would offer to Daisy Kent, as a fellow runner-up on the Bachelor.

“My advice would be to take all those things she learned about herself and to let that fuel her and give her even more confidence to always trust her intuition, never settle and to chase after whatever it is she wants in life,” she said.

“Personally, I learned so much about myself from my experience.. What I wanted in a partner, what I deserved, and even insecurities I grew and let go of after my season of The Bachelor.”