Jesse Palmer says ‘Multiple Bachelors and Bachelorettes Have Slept With Three People’

Jesse Palmer is here to talk about the backlash to Clayton Echard’s fantasy suite dates.

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The Bachelor admitted to being intimate with both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia after expressing his love to all three women, including finalist Susie Evans.

Now, the show’s host Jesse Palmer is weighing in on the controversy pointing out, “multiple Bachelors and Bachelorettes.. have slept with three people on their seasons.”

“Having been on the show and having been in this position, I think it’s important to know if you have sexual compatibility or not,” Jesse Palmer, who also the star of Season 5 Bachelor in 2004, recently tells Variety.

“On the other side, if the Bachelor or Bachelorette already knows in their mind who they are going to pick in the end, I do think you have to be careful about sleeping with other people, because it can get you in trouble.” 

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He also talked about ‘gaslighting’ Susie Evans during their fantasy suite date.

“I think people are also upset about the tone of that conversation,” he tells Variety. “I was there, and it was very emotional. Clayton never saw that coming. He was so excited to tell Susie he was in love with her, and I know he had such strong feelings for her.”

“He was really excited for that night to happen, and he had no idea that Susie was struggling so much emotionally with seeing the other women coming home [from their overnight dates] and having that realization of how real that was, and having to balance her own perspective and her own values and morals.”

About the social media backlash, he said: “I think that’s what makes this situation so compelling — there are so many different opinions, and there is no obvious right or wrong answer, in my opinion. I think that’s why social media is blowing up right now.”

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Clayton in an interview with Ben and Ashley’s Almost Famous podcast insisted he was not gaslighting Susie.

“It’s tough because I’ve seen what everyone’s saying and they’re using some pretty descriptive terms, some pretty heavy-hitting terms that I couldn’t disagree with more,” he said. “But I understand that it appears that way. I don’t agree that I was gaslighting.”

Here’s what Jesse said when asked if Susie would return for the finale.

“There’s always a chance. Never say never. But what I can say is that your jaw is going to be on the floor. Our jaws were on the floor in real-time watching it.”

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We sure can’t wait!