Clayton’s Shocking Admission, Believed Susie Wanted to be The Next Bachelorette

Clayton Echard received a lot of backlash from the Bachelor Nation after the fantasy suite episode for the way he handled his break up with Susie Evans.

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“I don’t even know who I’m looking at anymore,” he responded. “You just dropped a bombshell on me, and I don’t agree with it at all how you went about it. I think it’s BS,” he told Susie during their conversation.

“I’m sorry that I even raised my voice. It’s because I cared so much, I really did love you… Anything you say to me at this point doesn’t matter to me anymore, so I’m going to walk you out.” Clayton sent her home.

And now, the Bachelor dropped a shocking statement on what he really thought about Susie’s true intentions during the date.
'The Bachelor' Clayton and Susie meeting for the first time. Susie's wearing a white formal gown while Clayton wears a suit. At one point, Clayton believed Susie just wanted to be the next 'Bachelorette.'

 “I thought, ‘Why does it seem like she’s not fighting for this? Why does she seem like she can’t even give me a chance,?’ he tells Ashley Iaconetti and Ben Higgins on their Almost Famous podcast.

“I started having these really dangerous thoughts of being like, ‘What if Susie right now is just trying to get out of this? What if she’s just saying whatever she needs to say to leave me so that she can be the next Bachelorette?’”


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However, Clayton doesn’t believe it to be true anymore.

“I don’t believe that now,” he continued. “I didn’t believe it the next day, but I believed it in that moment and because of that I allowed my emotions to take over.”

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