Gerry Turner Admits He Broke THIS Promise to Family While Filming Golden Bachelor

The Golden Bachelor is a huge success as the Bachelor Nations is witnessing Gerry Turner’s journey to find love again.

“I don’t always date twenty women at once, but I’m about to,” he says at the beginning of filming.

Oh, and it turns out, one of his strategies involved a “pretty firm” rule him and his family set for himself in regards to filming the show and what he looked for in his future partner.

“The parts [of my late wife] I’d like to find are character, values and the ability to be an equal partner. But I’ve cautioned myself and I’m pretty firm with the rule that I’m not going to make those comparisons. I’m not looking for Toni 2.0. It’s an altogether different game at 70 than with your high school sweetheart.”

He also admitted to breaking the promise he made to his family while filming the first ever season of the Golden Bachelor.

“There was one. I promised my daughters and granddaughters that I would not kiss anyone on night one. And I failed,” Gerry tells The Post.

“As I recall, I think I only failed once.”

But he says he has no regrets about anything he did all season.

“In the beginning, shortly after the season ended and everything was put to bed, I felt like I had a few regrets. But now that there’s been a little time for me to sort through the facts and my feelings and so forth, quite honestly, I don’t think I would go back and change a thing,” he admits.

“By the time the second and third nights rolled around, I feel like I kissed about every woman there. So, you know, there’s different levels of affection.”

“I’m really happy about how things have went.”

He also went on to reveal the surprising “most difficult” part of the first night of filming.

“I wasn’t actually nervous about the rose ceremonies,” he admits. “The most difficult part about that very first rose ceremony was trying to get enough information to make the first decisions. It was almost not a case of who’s right, but finding those who were definitely wrong for me. Wonderful women, all poised, intelligent. I loved each one of them. But that first night, it was about finding the ones that I knew just would not be right for me.”

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