Fans SLAM Shanae and Genevieve for Bullying Salley off the Beach – Read Tweets

Salley finally made her appearance on the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise but her stay was short lived. Shanae and Genevive didn’t seem to like her and the duo started questioning Salley about her past.

“Honestly, we have a few questions,” Genevieve asked Salley. “Were you, like, with your ex a few days before you came here? Did you see him?”

“I work with him,” Salley replied. “I felt like I needed a conversation with him out of respect for him.”

“I’m pissed off. … It was work related. Why I had to stay Wednesday and why I missed my first fight. And if anyone here can’t understand that I have respect for the guy that I was with before this, then I’m out,” she said. “It is what it is, you know? And that’s exactly why you don’t trust anyone on this f—kn beach. My gut feeling was not to come,” Salley said.

“I get it. But there are a lot of people here that are also here for the wrong reasons, they just don’t say it,” she continued. “I’ve been told a lot of things about other people that I would never breathe a word on this beach because I am true to myself. And I’m never going to throw someone else under the bus. Even if they have dirt. I don’t care about your dirt. I’m here for me.”

Here are all the reactions of Bachelor fans slamming Shanae and Genevieve for being ‘mean girls’ and bullying Salley after she arrived on Bachelor in Paradise.