Find out Who is Zach’s Winner – SHOCKING! Katie or Gabi? BIG SPOILER

Zach Shallcross began this season of The Bachelor hoping to find his future wife.

And he did!


[This article contains spoilers from Zach Shallcross’ season finale of The Bachelor]

The 2 finalists of season 27 are..

Kaity Biggar

Gabi Elnicki

So, who is the winner of this season?

Kaity Biggar recieved the final rose on season 27 of The Bachelor.

After revealing the news, Reality Steve acknowledged that while other gossip blogs maintain that Gabi Elnicki won the season, he’s going to stick to his original spoiler about Kaity’s engagement to Zach.

“I post the spoilers when I hear from my sources that I believe to be true. Got some info this past weekend I felt comfortable enough running with, so I did.”

“I’m well aware that for the last [two] months, another site has said that Gabi is the winner,” Reality Steve wrote via Instagram on February 6, 2023. “All I can say is this: My sources have told me it’s Kaity. … I stand by my sources,” he concluded.

Of course, this is still speculation and nothing has been confirmed. 

The engagement came after Zach broke a promise and slept with Gabi Elnicki during Fantasy Suites

“This is the only thing that feels right and comfortable for me. It can really muddy the situation,” Zach explained to host Jesse Palmer. “… It’s going to be really damn hard, but I want my partner to be sure in us as well and not to worry about that I’m doing that right before an engagement… It’s not how I imagine a healthy engagement should start.”

“The whole night was a very passionate night for Gabi and I and it was very special,” he said, “but my whole perspective on how I thought the week was gonna go changed because something really special happened between us in the Fantasy Suite and now I feel like I’m holding in a secret.”

Who is Kaity Biggar?

Kaity Biggar

The 27-year-old travel nurse from Kington, Ontario had an instant chemistry with Zach from day one. She even got the first overnight stay with Zach in week 3.

Kaity and Zach are currently living in the same town.

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