Ethan Talks about his ‘Baby Back B*tch’ Comment about Tino & If He Still Stands By It

After Rachel Recchia decided to give the group date rose to Tyler, we see Tino storm out and discuss how he “deserved” the rose from the Bachelorette and how he was disappointed.

After Tino leaves, Ethan calls him a “baby back b*tch” and the Bachelor Nation couldn’t stop talking about it.

On the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast, Ethan talked about why he made the comment and if he still stands by it.

“We were sitting there and thinking that every time he’s gotten a rose, we all said congrats and we were super supportive. So when he did that, we were all thinking it was a little selfish,” Ethan said. “And as I was walking away talking, I was just like ‘He’s acting like a baby back b*tch.’”

“Next thing I know, I turned around and all these cameras were following us. I was like, ‘Oh no, I had a bad feeling then that they were going to air that, and I’m screwed,” he continued. “I’m glad that it got portrayed in the proper light because I do stand by that statement at that moment in that context. I should watch my language a little, though!”

Podcasgt host Joe Amabile went on to ask Ethan if he warned Rachel about Tino’s behavior and here’s what he said:

“She didn’t know about the antics he pulled that day, like when he got up off the couch, left us sitting there, and was pouting. But I knew that I wasn’t going to go to her and affect that relationship. That was for her to figure out.”

Fair enough!