Ashley Iaconetti Will ‘Be Really Upset’ If This Contestant Doesn’t Win The Bachelorette

Season 19 of The Bachelorette is almost coming to an end with Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey getting closer to deciding who they’re gonna choose to spend the rest of their lives with.

In a conversation with PEOPLE, Ashley talked about her favourite contestant and who she wants Rachel Recchia to pick as her final winner.

“All I’ll say is if Rachel doesn’t end up with Tino, I’m going to be really upset,” she said “They’re so cute together. He’s just a classic.. That’s the guy this season.”

Rachel and Tino has a solid start to their journey with the Bachelorette giving him the first Impression rose during the premiere episode.

During an interview with Bachelor Nation, Tino spoke about receiving Rachel’s First Impression Rose.

“It was great. I had an amazing conversation with her. And it was just like… from the second I took her hands, when I did, you know, take her from having time with somebody else, it just felt so comfortable. It was so easy to talk to her. So, it was really nice getting that reassurance because it really validated — or not validated, but really attested — to the connection I saw and had so much faith in actually being reciprocated.

Ashely also talked about Gabby and Rachel’s journey and what was tough for her to watch.

“I do think that the girls [emotionally] it’s just so much harder for them. And I know that they want to pit them against each other. And I think it’s awesome that they have this strong relationship because I truly don’t think that they have ever had any animosity against each other,” Ashely continued.

“But I will say that one episode where Rachel has rose denied in public — that hurts,” she said. “And I feel bad because it’s already such a tough experience, to experience so much rejection on top of it because it’s sort of like a pick-a-Bachelorette situation.”