Corinne Olympios’s Mom Calls ‘Bachelor’ 2017 “Fake,” Exposes Secrets

The new villain of The Bachelor season 21 Corinne Olympios is enjoying her newfound fame but her mom isn’t very thrilled.

Peri Olympios, mother of Corinner, blasted the reality show in a video rant.

She starts the video by exposing Corinne’s calculated approach to The Bachelor.

“She decided, there are two people who get remembered: the winner or the villain, just like Chad Johnson and some others,”

She continues, “Yes, she took it to the limits, [but] most of it is fake.”

“Reality TV is very fake, and you have no idea what they’ve cut out,” she explains. “If you pick a particular episode, I can give you the reality of it.”
Check out the video below.

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