Corinne Made Out With 4 Other Guys The Night Of DeMario Hookup – FULL STORY

New details continue to emerge about the alleged sexual misconduct between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios on the sets of Bachelor in Paradise season 4.

Corinne Olympios was not limp but clearly the aggressor and it’s all caught on tape, claims an eyewitness and contestant.

According to DailyMail and Reality Steve, this is what actually happened that night.

‘It all started at the bar where DeMario was hanging out,’ an eyewitness tells ‘Corrine went up to him, they started talking and then she hopped into his arms and started making out with him.

‘She then grabbed his hand and said let’s go to the pool.’

‘DeMario and Corinne knew other people were watching and neither were the least bit fazed by it. They were drawing attention to themselves. DeMario had a whistle around his neck that he kept blowing, so that’s how he was drawing attention to them and Corinne was laughing the whole time.’

‘The next thing you know Corrine tells DeMario to take off his clothes. He took off his pants’

”Corrine came right above him and puts her p***y right in his face and he starts going down on her. There’s a cameraman right there. Nobody is saying anything. It was like a porn scene,’ says the eyewitness

‘Then one of the producers came over and said ‘cut’, and told DeMario to put his clothes on.’

‘Producers asked both DeMario and Corinne after the fact if their hookup was consensual, and both reportedly said yes.’

‘This whole thing about Corrine being limp and sliding underwater is bulls***. She was not blackout drunk. There was even another contestant who walked by and said “I see you guys,”‘

‘Corrine said hi back.’

‘Corinne also made out with 4 other guys on the first day, some before and some after DeMario. They were Derek, Iggy, Nick, and Alex. On all the occasions, Corinne was the one who would go up to them aggressively and playfully and start making out with them.’
‘Corinne made numerous references after the hookups to how her boyfriend was going to be upset with her.’
‘When Corrine was with DeMario she was tipsy, she had been drinking, but it wasn’t until later in the night that she got really drunk. Everyone was drinking and having fun. In fact, the other contestants thought Corrine and DeMario were going to date because they seemed so happy together.’
‘After the hookups, DeMario and Corinne both filmed ITM’s, the hookup was discussed, and producers never brought this up as a situation that was inappropriate. Corinne and DeMario’s hook up was going to be a storyline on the show, just like any hook up on any season.’
‘It wasn’t until a producer came forward to the show claiming that they saw the hook up as inappropriate and filed a complaint’

‘The next day,  the contestant recounts, everything was fine. No one said anything, but then the following day, one of the top guys on the show told DeMario that a third party person said she was offended by DeMario and Corrine’s act in the pool and that she was going to sue the company.’

‘The crew member who filed the complaint is Shelby Adams. She’s one of Corinne’s best friends and was her producer on Nick’s season.’

‘Funny thing is the girl is Corrine’s best friend. Her best friend came up to her and basically told her that showing off her p***y in public and letting DeMario go down on her in public was going to make her look bad and fooling around with so many other guys was going to hurt her image for the new show,’

‘Now she’s like ‘” don’t remember anything”, “I was drunk” ..but guess what, there’s all that video filming that shows what really went down. She was the aggressor from the beginning and everyone will vouch for this.’

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