Clayton Reveals the ‘Tremendous’ Realization He Had After Sending Serene Home 

Clayton Echard had a big realisation after sending Serene home during the hometowns episode of The Bachelor.

This week the Bachelor narrowed his choices down to three ladies after he said goodbye to Serene when she said “I love you” to him during their date in her hometown.

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“When she left and said, ‘Hey, listen, I told you how I feel, expressed these feelings of love, is that what sent me home?’ That’s when I realized that because you’re withholding that information, those feelings, these women are going to start questioning whether what you have is real,” he said. “I really didn’t like that.”

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“Serene was a huge eye opener for me when I realized I made a mistake in hiding my feelings,” he continued. “I held her back because I was afraid that once I opened up in one area, I would open up in another and that would push me down the path of falling in love with multiple women. That was scary for me.”

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The Bachelor said, Serene’s departure made him realize, “I have to be forthcoming and let these women know how I feel.”

“I’m going to allow myself to fall in love with multiple women now, but then you just have to live with it and try to deal with it the best you can,” he said.

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