Rachel Lindsay Blogs: Arie’s Not In Love With The Final Two

Rachel Lindsay thinks The Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr is not in love with both Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham.

The former Bachelorette will be writing down her thoughts about the reality dating show every week to Us Weekly.

Here’s what she wrote about Arie’s dates with Lauren and Becca.

“Lauren has the next date. Once again with Lauren, same stuff different date. Arie is concerned by her wall, which we all see. I totally understand Lauren’s fears because this journey is scary, but at this point, you have to put it all out there so you have no regrets! One thing I notice about Lauren is that she needs a lot of hand holding and a lot of reassurance. This could be something that carries into a future relationship, as she seems quite insecure.

Also, Arie confuses me. He says he really see it with Lauren yet admits that you only see glimpses of her. What is it that he sees then? At night Arie, tells Lauren that he loves her and they walk away to “How Do I Live” playing in the background.

Becca has the last date and she and Arie go riding on a catamaran. Arie and Becca seem to have the most natural and effortless relationship. With Becca, he does not have to wonder because she puts it all out there — this makes her stand out from the other women.

That night, Arie tells Becca that he loves her too! This declaration of love does not have the same impact it should, because he just said it to Lauren as well. I will note that the use of the word “love” can be tricky. You can love two women but he may only be “in love” with one woman. And he told Becca that he is “in love” with her. I will say that whomever Arie choses in the end is going to have a really hard time watching this back.”

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