Clayton Echard Talks About How The ‘Women Tell All’ Felt

 Our leading man has gotten a lot of criticism from the fans for his season of The Bachelor.

And now, it’s time for his ladies to ask him questions and put him on spot on Tuesday night’s Women Tell All episode.

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In an interview on Clickbait with Bachelor Nation—with hosts Joe Amabile, Natasha Parker and guest co-host Deandra Kanu, Clayton Echard discussed how he felt after the taping of ‘Women Tell All’ special.

Clayton admitted that he felt like he was in front of a “firing squad” when he faced his contestants.

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While he was excited when he first walked on stage, he confessed that he was back to his normal life on the outside and he was “about to jump back into it with these women, and it’s gonna pull back all of these feelings and these emotions. And that’s exactly what happened.” he said as he walked out smiling realising he wasn’t “Superman all the way through this,” admitting he made few mistakes.

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“Today’s day and age, everybody likes to jump and push their opinion out as quick as they can,” he told the Bachelor alums. “With technology and Twitter and all these different avenues, we’re able to get out our opinions as quick as possible.”

“I’ve had really great conversations with previous bachelors [and] bachelorettes,” he shared, “that have really put it in perspective that, ‘hey, a lot of what you’re feeling, a lot of this hate that you see online is temporary. And it can change very quickly.'”

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