Clayton Echard is ‘Petrified’ By The Final Episodes: ‘It Was a Trainwreck’

The Bachelor Nation is definitely not happy with Clayton Echard after the fantasy suites episode on Tuesday night.

The Bachelor received a lot of flak for how he dealt with his remaining contestants and now Clayton understands he is in trouble.

Bachelor Clayton Echard Is ‘Petrified’ by How Final Episodes Will Play Out

“I am somewhat petrified at how all the things went down,” Clayton told Us Weekly. “I went in there hoping that I could make it as seamless as possible. And I think, honestly, it was the closest thing to a trainwreck.”

“It was a mess and I feel terrible and it hurts me, but I know I have to talk to these women and we all need our closure,” he told the magazine. “I’m not looking forward to [it] because it’s going to be very emotional.”

Fantasy Suite date becomes a nightmare for 'The Bachelor' Clayton Echard -  ABC7 San Francisco

“I took the actions that I took thinking that they were the right actions to take at that time,” he continued. “I since found out that, looking back at it, I should have asked more questions and made sure that all the women were on the same page.”

But, how does his journey end?

“I will sit here and kinda shake my head in confirmation that there’s a lot going on,” he said about the finale. “I think we all have to wait to see how it pans out.”

Did he find love on the show?

The Bachelor Fashion: Clayton's Women Tell All & Fantasy Suites - E! Online

“I felt a lot of love through the entire journey. It’s hard to answer. That’s a really hard one to answer because I think, again, it’s been alluded to [that] things are ongoing and I don’t really know how things are going to end,” he concluded.

1 thoughts on “Clayton Echard is ‘Petrified’ By The Final Episodes: ‘It Was a Trainwreck’

  • March 12, 2022 at 6:27 pm

    This is so unfair to think that all the blame goes on Clayton. These grown women chose to be intimate. Susie was the only one who asked her questions and good for her.
    In my opinion the fantasy suites should be eliminated and all this kissing and slurping should be eliminated,it should be strictly friendships amongst these women going out for lunch supper , communicating, getting to know them at a deeper level ( friend zone is what I mean) relationships are built on friendships, not one night stands, there would be much less drama and frankly the viewers would enjoy it more.
    Actually we don’t enjoy watching television with all this kissing and slurping going on to us it’s frankly disgusting so producers please cut all this out.!!
    Good Luck

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