Kaitlyn Reveals Shawn Booth Cheated on Her With Jana Kramer

She’s back at it!

The former Bachelorette revealed something big during a tour show in Cleveland, Ohio.

A member from the audience on her show shared the news with Deuxmoi.

Kaitlyn said that Shawn Booth cheated on her with Jana Kramer. The two hooked up during her Cleveland show on her tour.

Here’s the screenshot of the story Deuxmoi posted.

The story was then shared on Reddit and the fans had a lot to say.

Here are some of the comments from the Bachelor fans after the story was released.

“Seems like another excuse for a Kaitlyn to claim she’s being attacked by online trolls and then setup the camera for her to cry in front of.”

“Least surprising person for a dude to have an affair with.”

“Jana Kramer cheated on multiple partners before even dating Mike. And broke up glen’s relationship from DWTS. She messy.”

“That was 3 exes ago. We’ve moved on.”

“She actually said this at her KC show. I was there.”

After her break up with Shawn, Kaitlyn revealed that it wasn’t until after they split that she realized how unhappy she was.

“I pushed away a lot of friendships. I didn’t realize how miserable I was or how out of touch I was with myself and my confidence,” she said.

She explained that she “felt a lot of shame from [being on The Bachelorette]. I felt a lot of insecurities. I didn’t feel safe in the relationship. I was constantly working on myself, constantly going to therapy to not feel those things.”

“It’s three and a half years of feeling shame and like I don’t deserve love from him. And I knew that wasn’t right, but that’s constantly what I was feeling.”

“We were kind of struggling for the last little while. I just wasn’t feeling loved for over the last year,” she said. “It really just started weighing on me. I just felt very alone in the relationship and I felt like I had a best friend but I didn’t feel like I had a partner. We just started growing apart.”