Blake Moynes and Rachel Recchia are Apparently Dating – See Pics

The Bachelor fans think Blake Moynes and Rachel Recchia are dating because of a recap post on the latter’s Instagram.

In her April recap on Instagram, Rachel posted a picture of shirtless Blake in her kitchen. And the redditors think she just hard launched their relationship.

Have a look at the picture below.

Rachel Recchia and Blake Moynes both appeared on the last season of Bachelor In Paradise. They ended up leaving Paradise towards the end.

Sometime after they left the show, the two linked back up. In November 2023, the former Bachelorette was seen hanging out with Blake. The two watched watching “Paradise” together and also went on a mission to help tag sea turtles.

In an Q&A on Instagram, Rachel answered some hard hitting questions from the Bachelor Nation.

She was then asked “What’s the status with you and Blake?” after she and Blake Moynes recently went on a conservation trip together.

Rachel shared a photo of the two of them and wrote, “He’s still sick of dealing with me.”

What do you think about the new Bachelor couple?