Becca Kuftin Frustrated By Her Confrontation With Tia Booth

Tia Booth and Becca Kufrin competed together on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor and became good friends.

Tia Booth, Becca Kufrin

And now it makes Tia “sick” to her stomach that Becca was falling for the guy she once went on a date with.

“Obviously this is hard for me and I’m nervous to even have to talk to you about this right now,” she begins. “But I just had to be fully honest and put it out there because it’s been weighing on me. I feel like I’m so excited to hear you talk about Blake and Garrett and Jason — and when I think about Colton, if I’m being completely honest with myself, I do feel like I still have feelings for him. When I think about Colton being at this point, now, it makes me sick to my stomach — knowing that you got to meet his family and knowing that he’s still here in this makes me sick.”

“I did think that we put that behind us,” Becca tells Tia.

“I thought we put it to bed weeks ago,” she says after Tia leaves. “I thought it was done, so the fact that she does still have some feelings and isn’t on board with me being with Colton makes me frustrated. It makes me angry. It hurts to hear. I don’t want to lose any friendship over a guy, but the last time I saw Colton it was a wonderful night with his family and he told me that he loves me. So now, I don’t know what to do.”

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